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From the video 'miniature city 2', scenery of urbanscape around Tokyo

From the video ‘miniature city 2’, scenery of urbanscape around Tokyo

Recently I’m into Mirai Suenaga, a mascot by Culture Japan. A creation of Danny Choo, Mirai Suenaga amazed me by it’s beauty and programs she got into. Thanks to Danny Choo’s generousity, I could enjoy some free shows uploaded into his Youtube channel and getting immersed in cool Japan. But what actually interesting is, his selection of partners to collaborate with – he seek into great talents. Danny Choo introduced me to Vivid Blaze and Mockmoon, which I had to give five out of five for their exquisite works.

Yasunari Okano (left) and Miho Tezuka (right)

Yasunari Okano (left) and Miho Tezuka (right)

A band consists of two members, Yasunari Okano and Miho Tezuka, Vividblaze is a band that is difficult to be described. In an interview by J-Pop World, they stated that “we don’t stick to any one genre, we just express what we want to do” and “we try many kinds of music”. They were sometimes influenced by Jazz, putting up some R’nB, but had a sense of Pop in it. Their music sounds soothing, and the melody was well arranged by Yasunari Okano. Miho Tezuka’s voice for me is a great feature of this band, which complement his music arrangement.

Their discographies has made a worthy play list. Debuted with the song marin, they have recorded many albums and singles. I could mention to you some such as PERIDOT and miraimusic, but it’s better to check on their websites as they have made long lists of discography. Their music is available on itunes, so that’s great as you can enjoy a sneak peek or even buy if you like it. Perhaps, you could find them too as alternatives to mainstream Japanese pop music. Oh yeah, they are photogenic – you might like to check out their gallery section at the official website.

Check out their PV – marin by vividblaze

Drop by at their itunes store –

Visit their sites (Official websites) (Official blog) (Official Youtube account) (Yasunari Okano’s Soundcloud)

His identity is unknown - yet this cat is always become his avatar

His identity is unknown – yet this cat is always become his avatar

Few have been known about this guy. Furthermore, I can’t even decide whether mockmoon is man or woman – although I will just use ‘he’ to describe ‘him’ and ‘his’ works. Members of time lapse video community, TIMESCAPES.ORG, even considered him as misterious. It’s not because he never publicize his work or having online profile, but language barries seems challenging us to get insight about him. But he is still followed by many people for his lovely videographic works, in which he dedicates himself into time lapse video.

He was known the best probably for “miniature city 2”, but mostly he works out filming nature time lapse. He has put his works in some sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, made for public to see and enjoy. I would suggest to drink with latte as you are being absorbed into every second (well it’s okay if like cola). Do you wonder about his equipment? In his blog he mention about Canon 5Dmark II and Nikon D3, which he used each according to the situation and needs. Anyway you could check his equipment in detail in his blog.

Get immerse in Nature Time Lapse

Read the blog –

Check his account at – (Official Vimeo account) and (Official Youtube account)

mockmoon x vividblaze

Mockmoon and Vividblaze have collaborated in some projects. To put into account, they have been friends for 15 years! Their collaboration projects include ‘miniature city 2’ and ‘Mirai Mechanism’, both win Youtube video awards Japan 2009 and 2010 consecutively. As you can guess, ‘Mirai Mechanism’ is their collaboration project with Danny Choo to spread Mirai Suenaga’s lovely figure to the world. In 2009, Mockmoon and Vividblaze also involve in Google Japan’s favorite places, in which Mockmoon record series of time lapses from various observation platform. And as I goes through their projects, I conclude that Vividblaze seems to be a perfect pair to Mockmoon video works. Well, it might be better if you browse to convince for yourself.

Collaboration Project


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