Introduction to Building Conservation

How we can preserve our history physically? Building conservation is one of the ways. That old fashioned building you might see in neighborhood may keep so much good memories that form the local culture. You can’t just leave it damaged and worn by time. We have to take care of it! But as time goes by and weather acts violently, how building conservation work?

This edition will take you to the building conservation basics. Here in the first of the series, I will tell you about the ethic of building conservation.

Building conservation is the way we could preserve building, either it’s the form itself, until the quality of material and the ornament that gives the artistic sense. Building conservation won’t let you change the any elements of the building, even just a tile of ceramics. Even in special cases, such as the structure of the building is being damaged harshly, it takes a long consideration. Whether is it wise to replace the wood structure with the new-modern steel structure? It’s not an easy job and take a lot of struggle and time in the process, from measuring the detail of the building, looking for references such as the blueprint, and finally looking up for the material to replace the damaged one.

There are some attitudes that we have to be careful about the building conservation. Those are:

  • Approach to its original function
  • Maintain the significance of the building (the main features)
  • Additional elements that could be returned to its original form
  • Additional elements that respect the original building

These attitudes are the key points of building conservation. As we know, heritage worth a lot as it witness every moments, so it should be respected. The way we respect it is by watching our attitudes during doing the conservation. We give the past a future, that our grandson will learn from it.

So how the process works? The next part will explain it to you. Stay tuned to this blog!

The photos are properties of each website. The features image show the Izerman Park during 1920’s. The photos put in the post show the monument of the main train station in Bandung.

This post is my notes on Building Conservation Seminar held some weeks ago. I like to share my knowledge to you!


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